Donate to HWS Online

There are two very simple ways to donate to HWS online, Paypal and through text messaging on your smart phone. 


Paypal donations remain secure and can be used even if you do not have a Paypal account.  To get started, click on the donate button below.  Thank you for your donation!

Text Message Donations - Txt2Give

Donations through text message are the easiest and most convenient way to donate to HWS using your smartphone. After a one time setup, this allows you to donate to HWS on the go, even when you are at the mandir!  Using Txt2Give will allow you setup a reoccurring donation, making it best for the HWS 365, 120, or Birthday Clubs

Note - normal text messaging fees may apply based on your carrier and plan.

To start using Txt2Give to donate to HWS, follow the setup instructions below. Thank you for your donation!

1. Add the HWS Text To Give phone number to your contacts: 713-955-7061 

2. Start a new text message to the HWS Text To Give phone number.  Write a text message "Give" followed by the amount you wish to donate. In the example below, $25 was being donated by writing "Give 25".  Press the send button and wait for the automatic response.

3. You will receive a confirmation that you wish to donate the desired amount. Send a "Y" or "Yes" if the amount is correct, or a "N" or "No" if it is incorrect. 













4. Next, Txt2Give will ask if the donation is meant to be reoccurring.  Reoccurring donations work best for things such as the 365, 120, or Birthday clubs.  If a donation is to be reoccurring, respond with a "Y" or "Yes", otherwise if it is a single one time donation, respond with a "N" or "No".  


In the example below, the $25 is meant to be a one time donation, so a response of "N" was provided. 








5. Txt2give will then provide a link to setup a one time registration.  Tap on the link to fill in your credit card and contact information for the donation and complete the registration.  This step and information will only need to be provided once.  Afterwards, your information will remain secure and only a text message exchange will be needed to donation to HWS in the future. 


























6. Once complete, you will receive a text message and email confirmation and that your donation was received.  If you created a reoccurring donation, then you will receive an email each time the reoccurring donation takes place.  

7. Once registration is complete, future donations are much easier, and only require 3 text messages.  The example below shows a donation of $21








Thank you for your donation to HWS!