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HWS 2017 - 2019 Governing Body

This governing body, was elected this in March 2017.  The governing body was at work, looking at various ways to change, improve, and better serve patrons of HWS, and all Hindus within Houston.  In March of 2019, elections were held, bringing this governing body to the end of their term.

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Bal K Sareen

President, Board of Trustees

Bal has a Master of Science Degree (Mechanical Engineering) and is a registered Professional Engineer.  Bal is married to Ms. Rita Sareen (46 years) and they have two children and 4 beautiful grandchildren.  Bal has been active within HWS for many years, and is humbled to be serving as President of the Board of Trustees.

Board of Trustees

Rajinder and his family became associated with HWS in 1979 shortly after moving to Houston. He actively supported HWS activities by printing the HWS news letter Jyoti . He served in the executive committee in various roles, eventually serving as President in 1987/1988. 

During that time HWS, the governing body did lot of community programs Blood Donation Drives, working with UNICEF and an initiative Hands Around Houston. 

His family has received lot of spiritual benefit from our association with HWS, and in recent years  he felt that he could once again provide his services and help HWS regain its rightful place in the community and provide the religious path for young Hindu families of Houston.  

Rajinder Soni

Board of Trustees

Pramod was very blessed to be born in Sanskari family, in childhood he was inspired by Kevat, Ahilya, and Rama story from Ramayan as well as Drona, Ashwathama, and  Krishna stories from Mahabharta.  He matured by transforming in the shape of a solid devout and follower of a Vedic philosophy, that carried only one mission “service to mankind”.


Pramod was the first from his family to receive a Computer programming degree - at the time when the personal computers were not in existence. God has been very kind and generous to prosper him by one jewel daughter.

His efforts are to serve the humanity irrespective of religion, race and color, brings out excellence of Hinduism, creating awareness of it to all those who  are ignorant, and to construct an  Indian voice - so loud that  it can be heard by everyone.  He believes HWS is a platform, a bratheree of devotee, who are more to him as his brothers and sisters.

Pramod Sharma

Treasurer, Board of Trustees

Neena Kapoor earned a Master’s degree in political Science and currently is President of a Day Care & Pre-School in the Spring area. She has been married to Rakesh Kapoor for 35 years and has 2 children, both of which are married & settled.

Neena has been attending HWS since 1987.  HWS has been special to Neena because the temple allows Aarti to be conducted by devotees and patrons. They are also are allowed to serve Prasad.  These small activities allows Neena to feel connected to God & Goddess. She is enjoys serving HWS with the hope that it helps make devotees feels at home.

Neena Kapoor

Board of Trustees

Sandhya has been married for 47 years, and has two children, both in their 40s.  She has been attending HWS since 1983 and has always been supportive of the temple.  HWS has been a second home for her and a place where she has seen her children grow.  HWS has always provided support and blessings to her and her family.

In recent years, Sandhya has felt a desire to be more involved and to provide support to HWS, much as the temple has for her in the past.  She wishes to see younger generations attend and grow at HWS, much like she did with her family.

Bio Coming soon!

Ram Avtar Gupta

Board of Trustees

Sandhya Singh

Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

Nisha is a Consultant with Accenture. She has been married for just under 3 years, and though she does not have any children, her house has an adorable dog as well as  a lovable bird. 

She first started attending HWS when she was four years old - to her HWS feels like home. She wanted to become part of the executive committee to make a difference and to allow other children to feel the same way towards HWS that she felt when she first started coming

Her goal is to make HWS a place where children can grow, learn and gain knowledge about their religion, culture, while gaining life long friends, much like she had done when growing up at HWS. 

Nisha Bhatia

Secretary, Executive Committee

Manish has a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master's degree in Space Studies.  He is currently working at NASA in Operations Safety for the Commercial Crew Program and the International Space Station.  He previously worked for 10 years as a Flight Controller in Mission Control for the International Space Station.  He is has been married for over 7 years to his beautiful and wonderful wife and has recently become a father!

Manish has been attending HWS since he first moved to Houston when he was 10 years old.  He grew up attending HWS and fondly remembers participating in youth activities, plays, and other festivities.  He has been so close to the temple that his wedding took place at HWS!


He wishes to reinvigorate the same spirit HWS had during the time he attended when he was younger  - and wishes to inspire the next generation of young Hindus.

Manish Khatri

Treasurer, Executive Committee

Madhu Tiwari

Executive Committee

Pramod has been married for 18 years and has two children, a son and a daughter.  He currently works as a Maintenance Support Manager at Key Energy Services.  Pramod first starting attending HWS in 2008 and enjoys the temple’s spiritual, peaceful and family friendly atmosphere.  When the call was made for new elections for the executive committee, he felt compelled to run and has been happy to play a role in maintaining and running the temple on a day to day basis, as it helps him come closer to God. He hopes that his hard work, along with the rest of the board and executive committee, will allow HWS visitors to experience the peaceful, spiritual and lit family atmosphere, much like he did when he first started attending HWS.

Pramod Barnwal

Executive Committee

Surinder is married and has two children. He came to USA in 1981 and has been attending HWS Temple with his family for the last 36 years.  During that time he has fostered many friendly ties with community members. In the past , he has held the position of Editor of the Jyoti HWS Newsletter as well as Secretary, HWS Executive Committee.

Now, he is inspired to be a Member of the Executive Committee in order to bring about improvements in the image of this Temple as before.  It is now incumbent on the part of the newly formed Executive Committee to take charge and arrange to make all possible efforts to take this institution to the fore, like before, during the tenure of the ensuing year 2017 make all-out steps to outshine its glory within the current year and the years to come.

This is his intense desire and, he am hopeful and confident, that together we can make a big difference and achieve this goal. 

Surinder Sharma

Executive Committee

Raj is happy to be associated with HWS and serving the community. He is an engineer by profession and has been married for 46 years. He has 3 sweet daughters and grand children. he became associated with HWS in the year 2000 and has now received a chance to serve in capacity of executive committee member. He would love to see growth of the temple as a place where the community meets for different religious functions in order to seek blessings from God.

Raj Sethi

Executive Committee

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