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HWS Membership

HWS offers two types of memberships, both of which allows patrons to participate in General Body Meetings, Vote in General Elections,  and are eligible to run in upcoming elections.

General Membership

General membership is granted on a year by year basis.  In order to become a general member, a donation $100 is required, at which point membership is granted for the remainder of the year. Membership will expire the following year unless another donation of $100 or more is provided.  General membership applies both to the donor and his or her spouse. 

Any donations which sum to a value of $100 or more will automatically grant General Membership. 365 and 120 club members are automatically also HWS General Members for that year. 

Lifetime Membership

Lifetime membership is granted for the lifetime of the donor and his or her spouse.  In order to become a Lifetime member, a donation of $1,000 is to be provided to HWS, either as a one time payment, or over the course of two years.  Even if a patron has not specifically requested to be a Lifetime member, if he or she has donated more than $1,000 within two years then they will be granted Lifetime membership from that point forward.

We would be grateful for you be become a member by donating to HWS!

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