February 6, 2019

Thank you to all those who attended the General Body Meeting and have provided feedback on the Constitutional changes. Below you will find feedback and response from Mr. Rajinder Soni, Board of Trustee member.

Please note at the General Body Meeting on 27 January 2019 our President , Bal Sareen provided an additional two weeks to send in any additional comments the members may have . Please note the last date for receiving thes...

February 4, 2019

This notification is hereby given to all members (General and Life) of Hindu Worship Society (HWS) for Election of the Management Committee Members as defined in the constitution dated Nov 5, 1989 and amended in February 2019.

The minimum requirement for the voting members and being elected as members of the Management Committee are laid out in the constitution.

The management Committee members shall be elected for a period of t...

February 11, 2018

Panditji is one of the hardest working members of HWS.  He brings a wealth of experience and we are proud to have him a part of our temple.  As such, we have created a page so that you can learn more about him as well as the services he and HWS have to offer.  See his page here: 


January 28, 2018

Life and 2017 General Members:

We will be holding a General Body Meeting at 11:30am on Sunday February 25th 2018 at the temple.
Please come get an update on our activities for the past year, our plans for the upcoming year and provide your input.

Aarti and Puja by Panditji will take place by 1:30pm. The meeting agenda is listed below: 

     a. Summary of Activities and Achievements during 2017 
     b. A...

August 26, 2017


We hope everyone is staying safe due to the storm.  HWS will be open on Sunday for our normal Puja services, however lunch prasad will not be served.

While we would love for you to attend, it is much more important to make sure it is safe to travel through the rains and flooding that will be taking place tomorrow.  

Please check road conditions and the weather forecast if you plan on attending.  

August 11, 2017

The 2017 Executive Committee is proud to announce our new HWS website.  The site has been fully redesigned with a new URL and completely new layout. 

The goal of the new website is to provide temple information to existing patrons and any new people that may wish to visit.

All new announcements will be available on the announcement page, and all temple events, including pujas, programs, general body meetings will be li...

July 7, 2017

HWS Patrons, 

The next General Body meeting will be held on August 13th starting at 12:30pm.  Regular Sunday puja will not take place in lieu of the general body meeting. However, aarti will still take place before General Body Meeting.. We apologize for any inconvenience for those who wished to attend HWS's normal Sunday services.

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