Update from HWS Management Committee

To all devotees of HWS - First, we hope that each of you along with your loved ones are safe, happy and healthy. There really aren't enough words nor precedence to describe what we are all currently going through. There is plenty of anxiety going around over our physical health, financial outlook, and being concerned about our families and loved ones. Regardless of what the individual situations are, we need to remind ourselves that we will get through this, and this too shall pass. Today, we would like to share some exciting updates from Hindu Worship Society. First and foremost - the temple update. As you know, the temple is currently closed due to Covid-19 stay-at-home requirements. We are looking forward to re-opening the temple in small steps over the next few weeks. Texas Governor Abbot has given the ok to start opening up in small capacities. Our Management Committee is hard at work preparing for this re-opening. Please look for upcoming emails on the next steps, plan, and guidance on the new changes you will see at the temple. In the meantime, we hope that you have been able to join us Live on Facebook each day with Pandit ji and his family performing daily kirtan, puja and aarti. One big news we would like to now share. HWS will be partnering with Sewa International to host a food drive for the community later this month. This drive will be open to all families in and around Hindu Worship Society Temple. We will also be starting a food drive to collect donations of the items we will be packing for families in need. We will be sending out additional information on this as well. Today's email is to update you as well as check-in on you. Please know that during this time, you are not alone. Our temple has always been here, and is here for you today. Please don't hesitate to reach out in case you need any help. We look forward to getting back to a new normal. We appreciate your support and commitment to Hindu Worship Society. Please contact us if you have any questions or suggestions. Stay safe and take care! With best regards, HWS Management Committee