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HWS Constitution Feedback and Amendments

Thank you to all those who attended the General Body Meeting and have provided feedback on the Constitutional changes. Below you will find feedback and response from Mr. Rajinder Soni, Board of Trustee member.

Please note at the General Body Meeting on 27 January 2019 our President , Bal Sareen provided an additional two weeks to send in any additional comments the members may have . Please note the last date for receiving these comments is 10th FEBRUARY 2019

From Mrs. Usha Mehra:

Dear Usha ji :

We appreciated your actively participating in reviewing and providing very meaningful comments to the the 2019 amendments to the HWS Constitution

Dated November 1989


Board of Trustees should have capital B and capital T.

Agreed will do.

Line 3

add the word "minimum " before donation of $ 50,000

Agreed will add

Line 5

Board Trustee eligibility ( replace membership)

Agreed will replace .

Start a new para with words " Board Of Trustees

At the end " Before the effective date of the amended constitution ( currently April 7, 2019) a Board of Trustees will

be identified.

Will prefer not to add this happens only the first year that is 2019 . instead we can state as follows :

For the year beginning 2019 a Board of Trustees will be announced by the effective date of the amended constitution or soon there-after but no later than four weeks after the effective date of the amended constitution 7 April 2019.


First line next page

What is "and between the executive "

It will be deleted.


Last line " Leadership " replace with "Management Committee " It will read as follows :

the Leadership team of the management committee and its members .

From Mr. Surinder Kaul:

Dear Surinder Ji :

Thank you for taking time to forward your comments to the constitution amendments .

Kindly note the following responses to your comments.

I suggest to make two changes to the amended constitution:

#1: PREAMBLE, Line 19

Delete: ...their fellow Americans

Replace with: "other faiths"

Reason: The word American indicates citizenship, not ethnicity / faith.


Agreed .

We will add to their fellow Americans " of other faiths ".

We will like to retain the words fellow Americans it has an important relevance.

#2: Article Five, Board of Trustees, Section 5.1, Membership, Line 3

Add: Clause ",which are consistent with Hindu Worship Society Temple values" after "A minimum donation of $50,000.

Reason: It would simply discourage buying of Trusteeship with money, as suggested by one of the member in the meeting on Jan. 27, 2019.


Agreed will add the word " A minimum donation of $50,000"

Rajinder Soni

From Mrs. Madhu Vashisht:

Dear Ms. Vashist :

Thank you very much participating in review of constitution amendments at the HWS Temple on 27 th January 2019 and sending us the following comments along with our responses noted there in. 1. More representation for women. (Some people did comment reservation, privately). You could have your wife or Mr. Sareen's wife come in and that should be fine.


Although not by design the current HWS Board of Trustees and Executive Committee has very good representation of ladies.

Out of seven Board of Trustees three are women Neena Kapur , Sandhya Singh & Janak Tewari and Out of seven executive members

three are women Nisha Bhatia ,Manju Chopra, Madhu Tiwari . Which is a fair good representation of women in working for

Hindu Worship Society.

While Mrs. Rita Sareen and my wife Meera are fully supportive of Mr. Sareen and my work for Hindu Worship Society , However,

they are not familiar enough with day to day functioning to participate in any formal or informal question answer presentation .

We do thank you for proposing their names though . 2. I think we need to get some attorney to look over it, I have no idea how constitutions should be. I just take some other organization's constitution and copy and modify, all my life I have done this.


Please note our current effort is to simply amend appropriate sections of the current Hindu Worship Society constitution .

While amended constitution will be put in practice effective April 7, 2019. Subsequent membership and the leadership of the HWS

management committee will review the impact of this implementation and incorporate any additional changes before putting together a new

constitution in place ,if necessary. While thanking you for your suggestion we confirm that we intend to have an attorney/s

review before it is published for distribution . 3. Give someone membership who can punish or make those who gave greif to us come and do chappal or boot seva for a year or so, like Sikh's do. I heard some people privately saying unless we punish, it is tough to mitigate future threat.


This is a good food of thought for the incoming leadership to implement /outline steps to deter any untoward incidents .

Thank you once again Madhu Ji for taking time to send your concerns.